Valhalla DSP SERIE 5 [Win Eng]
Valhalla DSP SERIE 5 [Win Eng]

Valhalla DSP SERIE 5 [Win Eng]

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Valhalla DSP is surely not the most famous editor in the world. However, he only needed a handful of plug-ins to carve a sacred reputation with insiders. So when this reverb esthete releases a new toy after almost three years of silence, you might as well say that it wriggles severely among the brand's "fanboys".
Valhalla reverbs have been out for a few years, but if you missed the opportunity to try to buy these fantastic plugs, here's a quick reminder to take a look. The four reverbs include Plate, Room, Shimmer and Vintage, and all have wonderfully different textures to suit your needs.
Valhalla Plate is modeled after real world sound and Steel Plate reverberation behavior and allows users to go beyond the physical possibilities of this sound. Steel plate reverbs were among the first reverberation sounds used in the production of recordings, from the 1960s, and quite complicated to set up.
If you had to choose just one of the four reverbs, the Valhalla Room would be a great versatile choice. There's a little bit of everything here in terms of room size, including light atmospheres, traditional hall and tray sounds, and complex and modulated spaces. There are twelve unique reverb algorithms to choose from and a host of presets to start with. Note also the "Early" and "Late" sections.
Valhalla Shimmer is the first plug-in that intrigued me among the four available. All fans of large cathedrals, halls or arenas will love the details and the width of this reverb tool which allows you to adjust all parameters in real time without bizarre artifacts or other annoying nuances. The sound quality is smooth, rich and deep, like landing on a soft pillow.
Valhalla Vintage is a soft reverb inspired by classic digital hardware reverbs from the 70s and 80s. The way Costello recreated the Vintage version from the 70s and 80s is fascinating. In the hardware version of the 70s, there was a maximum output frequency of 10 kHz, and the sound was sampled internally. He reproduced this sound using custom algorithms so that the modulation was dark and noisy and the artifacts were produced intentionally to give the impression of operating at a lower sample rate.
- ValhallaShimmer - 1.0.4
- ValhallaValhallaDelay.v1.0.1.3
- ValhallaPlate - 1.5.0
- ValhallaRoom - 1.5.1
- ValhallaVintageVerb - 1.7.1
- ValhallaFreqEcho - 1.0.5
- ValhallaUberMod - 1.0.2
- ValhallaSpaceModulator 1.0.7

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